Samuel Morse, Fitzrovia

Samuel Finley Breese Morse was an American painter and inventor, most famously known for developing the electric telegraph known as the Morse Code, although this technology was developed along with his friend Alfred Vail in 1838. Born in 1791, Charlestown, Massachusetts, USA, Morse became well known as a portrait painter, but entering middle age moved […]

Pickering Place, St James’s

One of London’s literal hidden gems, Pickering Place (reportedly the smallest square in town) is passed by, by thousands of Londoners and tourists every year, and it’s easy to see why, with the entrance to the court being only a few feet wide. However, if you happen to stumble into Pickering Place, it’s well worth […]

Northumberland House, Crutched Friars, The City

  Northumberland House was a large manor house situated just south of Aldgate in the mid 15th century, and the London home of the Earl of Northumberland. Constructed in 1455, for Henry Percy, the then Earl, by the late 16th century the house had all but been abandoned and used as one of London’s first […]