Who, what, why?

About Ade4London

Hello and welcome to my website. This page is about me! Who am I, what do I, and why I have my own website.

I’m Ade, and I’m a amateur history bloke, a certified borough of Camden tour guide, and general all round know it all about London, the most amazing city on planet earth.

Born and bred within the confines of the M25, London is literally part of me. On a daily basis I inhale, feel , and observe this ancient city of ours, and can categorically state that I adore this metropolis. However, it would be a fabrication if I were not to say that this place drives me nuts sometimes, and the old adage of ‘ it’s a love hate relationship’ sometimes comes to the fore. But hey, love is love!

So, what do I do, why am I here? Well, my full time job is as a teacher of English to students from overseas, and this year will see me embarking on a MA in European history. Although my first love is London ( of course my partner obviously comes first!), I am fairly well travelled, and have a deep interest in overseas cultures, world history, with a particular interest in the Cold War and social history.

I initially created this website a few years ago to promote my tour guide business, which included walks around the lesser understood areas of town. I have no interest in the tourist trail, so Buckingham Palace, Big Ben etc, I leave to others. My fascination comes from digging deep into the social, political, and industrial history of London. I delve into Tudor, Georgian, and Victorian maps on a daily basis, scanning for places and events that most Londoners never knew existed. For obvious reasons, the actual physical side of guiding has become very difficult, and so I decided some time ago, that I would focus on writing.

It’s this information that for the past year or so I have given away for free on Facebook, often writing lengthy pieces that took days to research and publish. Over this time I have built up a fairly substantial following online, and so I’ve redone my website to focus on writing random pieces from around town. My tales cover pieces from all over London, such as Brentford and its often overlooked industrial heritage, to Bermondsey’s food production, the old docks north and south of the river, and London’s amazing cultural, immigration, and architectural legacy.

I’m currently in the process of publishing a few books on Amazon/Kindle of my previous posts, and it’s partly why I have started to reinvest time and passion into my new look website. I plan to write frequent “books” (32 notes from random parts of London) on a regular basis, and I hope to set up a pay subscription service soon, via this website. In the meantime, I’ll write free posts here a few times a week to garner interest, with the hope that you lovely people will donate to my cause!

My passion for this city is unprecedented, and I will do my utmost to uncover the “real secrets and stories of London’s 32 boroughs”, and hopefully dig deep enough for you, the punter, to follow me on this everlasting journey that is London Town.

I hope that you will find my posts interesting and hopefully purchase one of my many short books I’m in the process of publishing, or join my subscription service.

Many cheers for reading this, and hope to speak soon.

Ade Bloke