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Thanks for visiting the membership page.

This is the part of my site where you can sign up and become part of the Ade4London fraternity. If you join the growing number of members here, you’ll be able to access an in depth, daily post on a random part of town, event, person etc, that has been part of our amazing city’s history over 2,000 years, with a ‘real’ focus on ‘digging deep’ and unearthing some astounding parts of town, people and events, that even most hardened Londoners don’t know exist.

The post may be on an ancient dock in Blackwall, a political event that shaped a part of London, a biscuit factory in Bermondsey, or an Art Deco motor garage in Bloomsbury, but the beauty is in the randomness of my posts.

I attempt to cover various London stories from west to east, and north to south, taking in the ancient City border, and Westminster also. I scour maps of Tudor, Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian London maps, often using georeferencing, in an attempt to unearth titillating Tudor tales, valuable Victorian verse, and epic Edwardian enumerations, plus much more.

So, what’s the deal? Well, for a measly £5 per month I will deliver to your email everyday, a post of a random nature relating to London’s rich history, with attached pictures and maps. These posts won’t include, Tower Bridge, Buck House or Trafalgar Square, so please don’t sign up if that’s what you want. I’m going to indulge you in tales of lost neighbourhoods, old stations, long forgotten docks, factories of the Industrial Revolution, political scandals, workhouses, and espionage tales, amongst many other stories.

So, in short, for a just a fiver, £5, a ‘lady Godiva’ or a ‘deep sea diver’, yes, just five of your London pounds, Ade will sit down, trawl his extensive library and research, write, and pass on to you, personally, just you, an amazing tale everyday, yes, everyday!!

I lost my job recently due to the ‘situation’ at present and am really trying to make a go of writing as an alternative, but luckily for me, it’s one of my main passions (of course, apart from my partner!) and I’m also compiling books on Amazon Kindle as we speak. But if you’d like to receive the posts before they go to Kindle, then please, feel free to sign up here. I’m also in the process of setting up a podcast, so hopefully that will be included in the package at a later date also.

There is no longtime arrangement here, so you can easily pull out if you’re not happy with my content, or just feel you’ve had enough of my ramblings. But hey, for the price of a ‘choccamokkadooda’ and a Curly Wurly each month, you will have access to thirty posts each and every month. Now that’s a wowzer in anyone’s book, I’m sure you’ll agree!

Cheers for reading.

Ade Bloke