A union of streets – Borough & beyond. Southwark’s backstreet history.

This stroll will join four streets together. Necommen in the east, Union street & The Cut, and finishing at Lambeth North, via Lower Marsh.
These streets generally date from the late 18th century and have numerous interesting structures still remaining. Small businesses have always operated along these roads, and many survive today.
The area of course has changed dramatically over the years and none more so than when the railway arrived to split the area in two. Many older buildings have been replaced by large glass and steel nondescript structures, but on the other hand, many older ones still survive.
Along Newcomen St, we’ll encounter Guy’s Hospital, Marshall’s charity building, the original Marshalsea prison and a wonderful example of ‘ghost adverts’ on the side of an edifice. Yes, you could really buy ghosts in the Edwardian age!
Union Street gives us so many wonderful structures and historical insights including, The Crossbones Graveyard, Ragged school, Flat Iron Square plus so much more.
This street is usually missed unless one works or lives around here, but you’ll also find the HQ of the London Fire Brigade, The original Blackfriars’ Station and a pub (The Ring) that sits opposite ‘The original ring’ building, where the rules for boxing were first written up and played out.
Heading west we nip along the cut to the New Vic, but not before we dart off to one of London’s hidden gems. Roupell St and a few local streets are a reminder of ‘old London Town, in that there are terraces of amazingly kept houses from the mid 19th century. These streets are frequently used in filming.
We head west towards Lambeth along the ancient Lower Marsh. Markets have been held here for centuries. Many tourists come to duck under Waterloo station and take in the amazing ‘Banksy’s tunnel’, so named after the great artist and is now a haven for street art in a dark and dingy tunnel!
Finally, it’s on to Lambeth North and our final resting place. But just opposite there is also a final resting place in what was the Necropolis railway station. Bodies were shipped out of London as the city was full, and onward to Surrey.
So, this amalgamation of streets tell some tales, and is not on too many tourists route (hurray!). Join Ade Bloke and discover some of the backstreets of our amazing city.
As a final point, rather than call myself ‘a guide’, I’d rather be known simply as a bloke who has done a bit more research into an area of London than the average Joe!
I won’t wear a costume, read from a script etc, I will however just babble on about stuff that I’m deeply passionate about, and hope that you will be also.
Think of me as a mate who shares your interest in London’s rich history, and a fella you’d like to have a pint with.
I don’t want to give you a history lesson but if you want a “guide” that digs deeper, then I think I’m your man.
Take a stroll with Ade, a qualified London Borough Guide
Walk takes about 2.5 hours.
Ade Bloke


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