Tourist walk – Southwark, a view from across the River Thames



Tourist walk – Southwark, a view from across the River Thames


From Southwark see the famous London skyline from a different perspective just across the river in sinful Southwark and lively Lambeth. Experience this amazing city from the south side looking north and get a alternative view of this inspiring city.

St Paul’s Cathedral from the Southbank

Starting next to the river at London Bridge station and taking in the iconic Tower Bridge as our first port of call, we will learn of the importance of this part of the river in the formation of London as the city we know today. Walk through the beautifully restored Hay’s Galleria an old immense warehouse, and learn of why this area of London became known as ‘the larder of London’ (larder a place to store food).

Hay’s Galleria

Taking in the new with the Shard skyscraper towering over the area, Europe’s tallest structure and beneath it one of London’s oldest and most well known hospitals, Guy’s.

London Bridge & The Shard





Moving west we will stroll around the beautiful and incredibly popular Borough Market. For centuries a place to buy exotic foods and still going strong with an unmistakable vibe about the place.

Borough Market



Observing the river and in particular  the history of London Bridge and it’s famous predecessors, one of which is now in Arizona, USA ! Halfway through, Ade will give you a basic breakdown of why this part of London is different, radical, offbeat and sometimes historically at least, downright naughty and dirty !


From the aforementioned tales of Southwark’s beginnings, we learn of why Shakespeare had his famous theatre this side of the Thames see where it originally stood, and marvel at the reconstruction of the new Globe theatre. Other famous playhouses sprang up here, such as the Rose, as did the bear baiting rings.

Site of Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre

Heading west, we’ll wander past one of London’s most well known galleries of contemporary art at the Tate Modern, before leaving the riverside and moving inland to Roupell Street. This street plus one or two around it are relics of the area’s past. Now threatened with demolition, these streets are a living museum to how Londoners used to live in tight knit communities. Come and see them before they are gone forever !

Roupell Street

As we reach the end we will once again see iconic structures in the London Eye, and catch probably London’s best views of Big Ben and Parliament.

London Eye & Parliament

This walk, gives an insight into a side of London that has tourists a plenty these days, but was for most of its life fairly unknown by outsiders. Although during the 1950’s the Festival of Britain was held on bombed out areas of the Southbank it went on to become one of the better known places to see concerts and catch alternative and world music.

The Royal Festival Hall

So come on over the Thames and understand this side of the river. It truly has an amazing history ! 


Take a stroll with Ade, a qualified London Borough Guide

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